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Client : Nichols Plc

With our wide range of unique printable materials we were able to recommend the most suitable product for each surface. ...

, tack or adhesives. Following the meeting the graphics were all easily removed within half an hour, without leaving any residue or damage.

Nichols also required a material to be placed on an office door (see...

, ideal as the doors would be opened and closed throughout the day.

In addition

, Nichols wanted a creative and eye-catching way to direct individuals to their meeting room. We provided SKINZ floor graphics that...

Client : Castle Galleries

We provided double sided clear SKINZ to be used for window graphics as an innovative way to brand the shopfront...

, we provided SKINZ floor to be used as floor graphics due to its more robust properties.

Client : Blue Cross

We provided SKINZ Floor Graphics: perfect for application to flat

, glossy surfaces and 100% adhesive and damage free on removal when applied to clean, smooth floors. The Skinz were die cut into the shape of the Blue Cross paw print to create a unique and...

Client : CoppaFeel! and Charities

The product needed 3 key attributes – to be waterproof

, damage free and long lasting. SKINZ was literally the perfect solution for this. SKINZ is printed on a..., it uses a special microsuction technology maing it perfect for application to smooth surfaces like tiles or glass.


..., and our STX material for car window stickers. 


Other Charities – We have produced a number of items...

, easy-wipe white boards and other promotional pieces. CLINGZ posters have higher compliance rates than paper posters because they are damage..., making them perfect for doctors’ surgeries and dentists. 

Client : Royal Caribbean

We used a variety of materials to achieve different effects: Opaque SKINZ were used on internal and external windows to...

, PHLEX and SKINZ for the Royal Caribbean installation.  All our materials are damage free but they have different benefits so..., or a transparent version for inside windows.


This flexible fabric smoothes out easily for a perfect...

, such as cutting around plug sockets or door frames.