Exhibitions and trade shows are a great way to showcase your business and introduce yourself to potential clients but sometimes dressing your stand can be difficult. Bespoke CLINGZ panel graphics provide the perfect, easy to use solution for branding a shell scheme.

CLINGZ is electrostatic, it is adhesive free and does not require any expert installation, tools or tapes. CLINGZ is quick and easy to apply, takes seconds to remove, is lightweight and easily transported in a tube.

To see just how easy it is to apply CLINGZ panel graphics view our video here.

You can see it takes only a couple of minutes to install each panel.

What to do next:

  • Send us your artwork, or a brief if you want us to design it for you.
  • Send us the shell scheme panel dimensions
  • We can print any size; the most common size is 950 x 2340mm but we can help advise you on your individual requirements. CLINGZ can be applied as full panels or individual elements

Window Min

Client : Washington Green

We recommended CLINGZ as the perfect solution for their graphics. CLINGZ is our unique electrostatic printable material that ‘clings’ on...

Img 8809 New Min 1

Client : Rowleys:London

We recommended CLINGZ, our unique electrostatic printable film as the perfect solution. CLINGZ can stick on both sides to virtually...

Ps London Min

Client : PS London for The University of West London

We recommended CLINGZ as the perfect solution for many of the graphics as it can be used on windows and...

Toad Min

Client : Nichols Plc

With our wide range of unique printable materials we were able to recommend the most suitable product for each surface...

Alcohol Min

Client : Alcohol

CLINGZ were first used by alcohol brands as a promotional poster, left behind by sales reps for brands like Guinness, Crabbies ...

Pharmaceutical Min

Client : Pharmaceutical

We have produced numerous materials for Pharmaceutical companies for a variety of applications:


CLINGZ is a perfect...

Adidas 1 Min

Client : Adidas

Adidas have used CLINGZ for a variety of marketing activities in the UK and Germany. Initially they used standard A5...

Disney Min

Client : Disney

Think Ambient supplied Disney with CLINGZ in various different shapes and sizes that could be positioned throughout the communal areas of...

Bmw 2 Min

Client : BMW

BMW created an attention grabbing insert printed on CLINGZ which was included in 2 German publications - STERN and NEON. The CLINGZ...

Council 2 Min

Client : Cheshire West and Chester Council, Waste Management

A quick start guide was printed on CLINGZ as well as on the paper backer. The CLINGZ conveyed an at-a-glance...

Nhs Min

Client : IPM for NHS

In consecutive years we have produced and implemented CLINGZ guerrilla marketing campaigns on behalf of IPM International. “Cancer Chancer” is...

Diabetes Min

Client : Diabetes Live

CLINGZ was perfect for this as it eloquently created the impression of a huge TV display, while being extremely simple to...

Tiger Min

Client : Tiger Beer

We produced CLINGZ for the Tiger Translate festival in London's East End. Die cut Tiger Beer shaped CLINGZ were distributed...

Goldwell Min

Client : KAO KPSS

We have supplied KPSS with various solutions for use in salons, depending on the type of surface and the length of...

Product Image 3 Min


CLINGZ provided the perfect solution as their electro-static charge enabled them to stick to multiple surfaces, facing in or out. CLINGZ...

Product Image 2 Min

Client : Incredible Management for GSK Event

Incredible Management used CLINGZ to completely brand the Park Plaza Hotel for a GSK conference. CLINGZ were used in a variety...