The importance of POS (point of sale) advertising is well recognised, with up to 77% of purchasing decisions believed to be made at the point of purchase.  Eye-catching and interesting POS displays have the power to encourage undecided consumers to choose your brand over others. Walls, windows, floors, pillars, furniture, or even ceilings are all potential in-store display opportunities to grab attention in a crowded environment. Think Ambient offer a wide range of POS solutions which are all easy to use, easy to remove and damage free, giving retailers even less reason not to promote your product in their store.

Client : Castle Galleries

We provided double sided clear SKINZ to be used for window graphics as an innovative way to brand the shopfront...

, we provided SKINZ floor to be used as floor graphics due to its more robust properties.

Client : Multiliving – Scavolini Italian Kitchens

ADTAC provided the perfect solution as their ease of use and bubble free installation makes it ideal for window applications.  ...

, bubble-free installation that can be repositioned and reused.


We recommended ADTAC as the perfect solution for bubble free applications. ADTAC is our PVC-free

, super easy to apply, peel and stick, low-tack window graphic solution. Besides windows this high-tech media is suitable for a wide range of smooth indoor surfaces, including metal and polished stone. An advanced coating enables easy, ..., repositioning and reuse. ADTAC can be easily removed and is 100% residue free, even after extended applications or exposure to extreme low and high temperatures.

Client : Alcohol

CLINGZ were first used by alcohol brands as a promotional poster

, left behind by sales reps for brands like Guinness, Crabbies and Grants Whiskey. They found that compliance by pub managers was higher than normal paper posters because of their..., novelty factor and the promise that they are 100% damage free. Branded posters for events such as the Football and Rugby..., our unique counter top display product, is perfect for alcohol brands as it can be used indoor or outdoor on any flat surface and is wind and weather...

Client : Pharmaceutical

We have produced numerous materials for Pharmaceutical companies for a variety of applications:


CLINGZ is a perfect...

, tape) and can only be applied to notice boards. Our clients have found sponsoring health awareness schemes or anatomical charts is a..., with a focus on blocking out show through and removing without leaving adhesive. This has surprising benefits in the pharma..., where our clients use them as wall charts for drug information. Dosage requirements can be communicated to doctors via simple infographics..., perfect for use in doctors’ and dentists’ surgeries. It grips to smooth surfaces like magic, without any adhesive. Several pharma clients have used STICK 'N' GLIDE as POS or Sponsored Calendars.

Client : Harvey Jones

We produced VIBO graphics for a January campaign to replace vinyls which had been used previously. VIBO offers brilliant print quality

, and it is printable on both sides with a dead opaque barrier between the front and back. This means the..., as well as CLINGZ for use on the many different surfaces within the stores.


In addition to...

, we also organise and arrange distribution to all stores with a full delivery report that is available immediately after all deliveries have been made.

Client : KAO KPSS

We have supplied KPSS with various solutions for use in salons

, depending on the type of surface and the length of the promotion. The main areas for branding are windows, mirrors and wall space.  CLINGZ were used to replace normal stickers due to their versatility. The CLINGZ ‘window stickers’ were..., our double sided window sticker, was used for window displays to communicate which of their products the salon stocked. VIBO is designed to be easy..., whilst also lasting a long time, making it ideal for stockist posters. VIBO has a dead-opaque barrier between the front and back alllowing the branding on..., which is particularly useful for signs displaying Opening Hours. 


KPSS have also used our floor graphics product PISO

, an adhesive based floor graphic with fantastic adhesion and removability.  We have also recently developed an amazing new adhesive-free floor..., so please ask for more details.


CLINGZ provided the perfect solution as their electro-static charge enabled them to stick to multiple surfaces

,  facing in or out. CLINGZ were produced in a variety of shapes and sizes, collated into packs and sent out to the 58 franchise stores. The ease of application and damage free nature of...