POS Displays

We offer a wide range of POS displays and print solutions which are all easy to apply, easy to remove and damage-free,
enabling store staff to create eye-catching window graphics and in-store displays without the cost of expensive expert installation.

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What You Need to Know About POS Displays

What is Point of Sale Advertising?

Point of sale advertising refers to the marketing material you see in-store, typically near the checkout area.

Why Might You Need it?

Point of sale displays are a great way to boost your sales, push promotions or even to draw your customers to new products. Because they are placed in areas that typically have a high footfall, you have a perfect opportunity to influence what might be the last part of a customer’s buying journey.

Don’t leave your checkout areas bare - ensure you are making the best use of your retail space and use POS displays to make an impact. 

Interested in grabbing your customers’ attention with our POS graphics? Read on to find out how we do what we do, and how easy it is for you to take advantage of this clever marketing collateral with Think Ambient...


Our Process

Just how simple is it to secure high-quality POS displays for your brand? Let us walk you through three steps on how we make it all happen:

Design & Print - ...our designers will get to work on bringing your vision to life. We will also print your displays to the exact dimensions you have cleared with us.

Distribution - Finally, we spread the word about your brand and distribute your POS materials to individual stores. We can manage distribution to individual stores and provide step-by-step instructions and videos to achieve trouble-free installation of each of our in-store graphic solutions.

That’s all there is to it! But why choose us? Here are three reasons why:


Why Choose Think Ambient?

Expert Advice - We can provide advice on the most appropriate products for you and make recommendations to help you to stand out in the crowded retail environment. We want you to get your product marketing right the first time.

Versatility - The versatility of our products means that any available surface can be turned into a promotional space as our point of sale retail graphics can be used on walls, windows, counterspace, cladding, pillars, white goods, and even computer screens. 

Our POS display graphics can be produced as bespoke shapes and sizes to accommodate varying store sizes and space availability.

Experience - With over 10 years of experience in designing and delivering printable graphic materials and POS displays in the UK, you can trust us to bring your visions to life.


For POS displays that pack a punch, get in touch with our team today.

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Fb Adtacclingz 222 Min

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CLINGZ is a perfect...

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CLINGZ provided the perfect solution as their electro-static charge enabled them to stick to multiple surfaces, facing in or out. CLINGZ...