Promotional marketing encourages prospects to try something new and enhances existing customer loyalty by aiding recall long after the campaign is over. Whatever your campaign requires, Think Ambient have a range of solutions and the experience to meet your needs. Our unique, easy to use products have been used for an amazing range of different promotional activities, including promotional posters in doctors’ surgeries, bottle-shaped pieces for alcohol brand bar promotions and even water-resistant stickers for use in showers to raise awareness for a charity. The ease of use and versatility of our materials ensures your message will be seen time and time again.

Soliver01 Min

Client : s.Oliver

We suggested STX, a self-adhesive vinyl with a low tack removable adhesive. The unique advantage of STX is that it...

Blue Cross Min

Client : Blue Cross

We provided SKINZ Floor Graphics: perfect for application to flat, glossy surfaces and 100% adhesive and damage free on removal...

Alcohol Min

Client : Alcohol

CLINGZ were first used by alcohol brands as a promotional poster, left behind by sales reps for brands like Guinness, Crabbies ...

Pharmaceutical Min

Client : Pharmaceutical

We have produced numerous materials for Pharmaceutical companies for a variety of applications:


CLINGZ is a perfect...

Coppafeel Min

Client : CoppaFeel! and Charities

The product needed 3 key attributes – to be waterproof, damage free and long lasting. SKINZ was literally...