Promotional marketing encourages prospects to try something new and enhances existing customer loyalty by aiding recall long after the campaign is over. Whatever your campaign requires, Think Ambient have a range of solutions and the experience to meet your needs. Our unique, easy to use products have been used for an amazing range of different promotional activities, including promotional posters in doctors’ surgeries, bottle-shaped pieces for alcohol brand bar promotions and even water-resistant stickers for use in showers to raise awareness for a charity. The ease of use and versatility of our materials ensures your message will be seen time and time again.

Client : s.Oliver

We suggested STX, a self-adhesive vinyl with a low tack removable adhesive. The unique advantage of STX is that it can be used..., as demonstrated in the pictures. This attribute made it easy for shoppers to take the star off the window, replace the backer and fill in their name, address and email on the back of the star. Shoppers then had to hand in the star at an s. ..., one star could be won per store.

Client : Blue Cross

We provided SKINZ Floor Graphics: perfect for application to flat

, glossy surfaces and 100% adhesive and damage free on removal when applied to clean, smooth floors. The Skinz were die cut into the shape of the Blue Cross paw print to create a unique and...

Client : Alcohol

CLINGZ were first used by alcohol brands as a promotional poster

, left behind by sales reps for brands like Guinness, Crabbies and Grants Whiskey. They found that compliance by pub managers was higher than normal paper posters because of their..., novelty factor and the promise that they are 100% damage free. Branded posters for events such as the Football and Rugby..., our unique counter top display product, is perfect for alcohol brands as it can be used indoor or outdoor on any flat surface and is wind and weather...

Client : Pharmaceutical

We have produced numerous materials for Pharmaceutical companies for a variety of applications:


CLINGZ is a perfect...

, tape) and can only be applied to notice boards. Our clients have found sponsoring health awareness schemes or anatomical charts is a..., with a focus on blocking out show through and removing without leaving adhesive. This has surprising benefits in the pharma..., where our clients use them as wall charts for drug information. Dosage requirements can be communicated to doctors via simple infographics..., perfect for use in doctors’ and dentists’ surgeries. It grips to smooth surfaces like magic, without any adhesive. Several pharma clients have used STICK 'N' GLIDE as POS or Sponsored Calendars.

Client : CoppaFeel! and Charities

The product needed 3 key attributes – to be waterproof

, damage free and long lasting. SKINZ was literally the perfect solution for this. SKINZ is printed on a..., it uses a special microsuction technology maing it perfect for application to smooth surfaces like tiles or glass.


..., and our STX material for car window stickers. 


Other Charities – We have produced a number of items...

, easy-wipe white boards and other promotional pieces. CLINGZ posters have higher compliance rates than paper posters because they are damage..., making them perfect for doctors’ surgeries and dentists.