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Think Ambient Case Studies

The importance of POS (point of sale) advertising is well recognised, with up to 77% of purchasing decisions believed to be made at the point of purchase. Eye-catching and interesting POS displays have the power to encourage undecided consumers to choose your brand over others. Walls, windows, floors, pillars, furniture, or even ceilings are all potential in-store display opportunities to grab attention in a crowded environment. Think Ambient offers a wide range of POS solutions which are all easy to use and remove, and damage free, giving retailers even less reason not to promote your product in their store.
Events and exhibitions are the perfect medium for direct communication with a captive audience often ready to purchase, and an ideal opportunity to market your products and services in a novel way. With events often held in venues like conference centres, hotels and shopping centres, there’s usually a pressure to clean up quickly post event, without leaving any surface damage. Think Ambients’ easily removable range of CLINGZ, PHLEX and SKINZ products solve the problem by leaving neither residue nor scar damage and can be applied to virtually any surface, curved or flat… even to expensive items like TV screens or computers without fear of damage.
Exhibitions and trade shows are a great way to showcase your business and introduce yourself to potential clients but sometimes dressing your stand can be difficult. Bespoke CLINGZ panel graphics provide the perfect, easy to use solution for branding a shell scheme.
Effective internal communications are vital to the smooth running of any corporate business. Established channels such as email, webcasts, newsletters, brochures, team meetings, etc. can often miss the mark. Whatever other methods are being used, the potential of printed material used in an innovative way shouldn’t be underestimated. Be it a simple reminder to switch off the lights, or important new special offers; our unique printed materials can deliver valuable additional impact. Widely used to communicate new product launches, staff initiatives and employee targets, our products are perfect for quick and easy application in unusual and impactful places
Promotional marketing encourages consumers to try something new and enhances existing customer loyalty by aiding recall long after the campaign is over. Whatever your campaign requires, Think Ambient has a range of solutions and experience to meet your needs. Our unique, easy to use products have been used for an amazing range of different promotional activities, including promotional posters in doctors’ surgeries, bottle-shaped pieces for alcohol brand bar promotions and even water-resistant stickers for use in showers to raise awareness for a charity. The ease of use and versatility of our materials ensures your message will be seen time and time again.
Informative Marketing is used to inform consumers or advertise goods and services. It is often used in the Healthcare and Charity sectors to educate and raise awareness about new developments or initiatives. Our range of innovative materials are perfect for getting your message across…
Guerrilla marketing is an unconventional marketing tactic aimed at reaching audiences in unusual and arresting ways. Think Ambient have worked on ‘Guerilla’ campaigns across Europe for the past 10 years. From ‘Sticker -bombing’ to ‘Fly-posting’, we have the expertise to advise you on both the benefits and the risks of this type of activity. Guaranteed to create a real buzz, our CLINGZ product has proved to be the perfect solution for this type of application, with its ability to be applied quickly and easily to almost any surface, indoor or outdoor, without leaving any damage or residue.
Direct mail marketing is one of the most effective types of campaigning and engaging potential customers in one of the most non-intrusive ways possible. The most common methods include catalogues and magazine inserts, envelope mailers and advertising mail, providing the potential for much more productive activities than just sending an ordinary brochure that can get lost or simply end up in the bin. Items produced on our highly versatile CLINGZ media can be slapped on to the nearest wall or window or even the coffee machine, where it catches everyone’s attention and keeps your brand in the spotlight.
We offer a range of self-adhesive, non-slip floor graphics that can be applied to a variety of floor surfaces, including carpets. Our products have an anti-slip textured surface for additional safety and are easy to apply and remove, without leaving any damage.
Are you preparing to open for business again soon? We offer a range of signage, stickers and floor graphics essential to help keep employees, visitors, staff and students safe. All our products are EASY TO APPLY, EASY TO REMOVE AND DAMAGE FREE.

Think Ambient Products

A unique electrostatic printable film that ‘clings’ on both sides to virtually any clean surface without the need for tape, tacks or adhesives. CLINGZ can be applied to brick, wood, plastic, metal, glass, marble, plaster, cardboard, vinyl and more! Just peel off the backer and stick.
THINKFABRIC is a collection of products, which can all be customised to your preference.  These include FLAGS, TABLECLOTHS, BANNERS, SOCK BACKDROPS, LIGHTBOXES and STRETCH DISPLAYS, but we can produce anything FABRIC from cushions to deck chairs!!!
SKINZ graphics are made from a unique substrate that literally “sucks” on to glossy surfaces but remains removable and repositionable. Our highly technical, adhesive-free material can be used on GLOSS surfaces where higher adhesion properties are required including smooth floors and areas that will be exposed to moisture.
ADTAC is a high performance, low tack film graphic that can stick to a wide range of smooth indoor surfaces, including glass, metal and polished stone. It has an advanced coating which enables easy to apply, bubble-free installation that can be repositioned and reused.
Easifloor is our unique adhesive coated floor graphic, suitable for applying to a wide range of floor surfaces, even carpets.
PHLEX is a unique fabric media with a special adhesive designed to not leave any residue when removed. Phlex does not tear or crease and can be reused several times. It can be placed on any non-porous flat surface and it can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.
ECO-SKINZ is our eco-friendly, PVC free material that is made from 80% recycled polyester plastic bottles. It is ultra-clear and offers excellent optical clarity when wet applied to smooth surfaces.
VIBO is a double sided window sticker made from polypropylene with a dead.opaque barrier film which is damage & residue free on removal. The special adhesive ensures that the product remains removable and repositionable but strong enough to enable it to remain in place for years.
A high quality Static Cling Vinyl, approved to print on HP Indigo printers. This makes small runs cost effective, and multiple designs or variable data possible. Perfect for use as car permit stickers. Available in White or Clear.


STX is a self adhesive vinyl with a low tack removable adhesive. It is suitable for high quality interior and exterior graphics for applications requiring good clarity. It is easy to apply and easy to remove, with no adhesive residue. STX is available in White and Clear.
EPIC is a high quality ultra removable interior graphic for use on flat, painted wall surfaces (non-textured walls only), wallpaper and wood panelling. The special ultra removable adhesive which EPICuses allows it to retain the essential qualities of being easy to apply and remove but still residue and damage free.
Take control of how your brand is displayed and THINKGRIP with our fabulous new product. It is called GRIP because it adheres with great strength to high gloss surfaces!!! Glass is the best surface, but GRIP will adhere to ultra smooth laminates and plastics too.
Stick ’N’ Glide is a patented table top display unit that is easy to install and to remove but will stay in place on any level surface. Stick’N’Glide is available in White and Clear, and printable on both sides.