Flawless Floor Graphics

A Guide to Floor Graphics, Media and Applications We have a variety of exclusive and unique Floor Graphics materials that we like to use.  The

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Come together. branding offices

We helped a local company called Together with their 50th Year Anniversary campaign by adding themed branding to their offices. We installed various media on different

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Vicki Chauhan Favourite Things

Vicki: Favourite Things

Vicki has been part of Think Ambient from the very beginning, so we asked her for some highlights… Favourite Product CLINGZ – it’s the product

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Windows love ADTAC

ADTAC has a special Bubble Egress System, which allows store staff to apply without any bubbles.  Most importantly, they look perfect once applied!  Available in

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New Product: THINKGRIP

Take control of how your brand is displayed and THINKGRIP with our fabulous new product.  It is called GRIP because it adheres with great strength

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Carla: Favourite Things

Carla started working at Think Ambient in 2016 as a European Account Assistant.  Now Carla is the first port of call for all things Europe! 

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Mixed Media Event

Mixed Media

We always recommend the right product for the particular solution, and when there are multiple surfaces we are happy to use mixed media to cover all the bases

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Phil Bligh Favourite Things Including Eco-Skinz

Phil Bligh: Favourite Things

Phil Bligh is Think Ambient’s long serving team member, so we asked him a few questions about his favourite Think Ambient things… Favourite Product: “ECO-SKINZ

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We created a Large Format Lenticular display for an Event

Large Format Lenticular

We were challenged to create two images that swap as your point of view changes.  Like a 3D “flip” lenticular but a much bigger scale. 

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