Think Ambient Presents GRIP

About GRIP

Take control of how your brand is displayed and THINKGRIP with our fabulous new product.  It is called GRIP because it adheres with great strength to high gloss surfaces!!!  Glass is the best surface, but GRIP will adhere to ultra smooth laminates and plastics too.  Much like a slick formula one tyre, if you apply it to gravel it will slide around. Unlike racing tyres, GRIP performs well in the cold, warm, wet or dry. 


GRIP is quickly becoming a favourite of the vending and retail sector, where there are plenty of internal glass surfaces to be branded.  There are so many more applications, including Event branding and Internal Communications so please ask us for more details.

Grip leaves ZERO residue – increases compliance by promising no messy cleanup.

Grip offers EASY application – the material is robust, so it can be applied easily without bubbles and then reapplied if required, without damaging it.


Versatility and Applications


The sample you have is printed on white, but it is also available in CLEAR for use on glass facing out. We can print selective white ink to create intricate designs.  Perfect as branding for stockists, or car window permit displays.

Printed and Printing


We can provide both printed and unprinted GRIP.  If you wish to use your own printer, please ask them to specify it by the brand name THINKGRIP.  Otherwise, you might end up with a less effective alternative.



We have a small amount of printed and unprinted GRIP samples.  If you would like a sample, then please email Vicki here – 

Sample Request