Glow in the Dark CLINGZ

At Think Ambient we combine an encyclopedic knowledge of unique printable materials with an in-depth knowledge of print processes to come up with innovative solutions that most people will tell you aren’t possible. 

Pushing the boundaries comes naturally to us and that’s why we love it when our customers come to us with a really challenging brief. 

A perfect illustration of this can be seen above. Our client set us the objective of creating a project idea that was not only completely new and different but also allowed them to communicate multiple messages simultaneously in an engaging and unique way.

Our creative juices immediately began to flow as we flung one idea after another back and forth but (to save you the anguish of our late night coffee-fueled sessions spent testing and persevering) we’ll skip right to the solution…  

GLOW IN THE DARK CLINGZ – luckily the genius of this innovation made the heartache all worth it. Glow in the dark CLINGZ has the potential to be the perfect solution to almost any campaign brief however our client used it for a guerrilla marketing campaign they were undertaking of behalf of Converse and Adidas

CLINGZ were placed in various locations throughout a number of cities in Germany. During daylight hours the light absorbent inks were able to ‘charge’ themselves, then as soon as night had fallen the GITD inks sprang into action.

The unique beauty of this campaign? If you look closely at the converse CLINGZ at the top of the page you will be able to see that they were created to display different messages at night to what they did during the day. How many printed posters can add a talent like that to their CV?

If you take a look at our case studies you will hopefully see that, for Think Ambient, this isn’t just a one off. We live and breatheinnovative and engaging campaign ideas, and not just because we hopefully get to shout about them afterwards!

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