Easywipe Whiteboards to Revolutionise Hospital Wards!

The Brief:

 An easy wipe re-writable whiteboard which staff can apply quickly and conveniently

Essential Specifications:

  • To be quick, easy and convenient to apply. Ward downtime to be avoided at all costs
  • Duration Requirement: minimum 1 year
  • Completely wipeable (with all anti-bacterial sprays) to meet anti-microbial standards
  • Must be 100% damage free when applied to painted walls

The Answer:

Think Ambient’s EasyWipe Whiteboards

The Benefits:

  • Uses a low tack adhesive ensuring it is durable enough to last a year but also completely removable and damage free
  • Extremely easy to apply, no tape or fixings and zero professional installation required
  • Ink is printed on the back of the whiteboard so will not be damaged regardless of how much cleaning is required
  • Cheaper than comparable alternatives such as foamex
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