Print Media is a Crucial Part of Your Marketing Mix

In today’s digital era, there is far more competition from brands to catch audience’s attention online than ever before. However, the amount of content available to audiences is growing far more rapidly than they have time for. It can be difficult to differentiate between what marketers consider as ‘noise’ and valuable content.

Print marketing covers a whole range of solutions such as posters, direct mail, magazines, banners and much more. As a company that specialises in unique printable materials we see first-hand how much impact print marketing can have and see why our clients keep coming back to us.

Here are reasons why print can help you stand out:

  • Print has longevity – An email or an internet ad will disappear into the cyber world almost instantly whereas, a piece of print may be kept for days, weeks or even years. Printed products provide long lasting brand or product reminders even after a potential prospect has left the company.
  • Print helps you reach your target audience – The design and placement of ads is vital to a successful campaign. Print can be positioned in unusual, eye-catching places where they cannot fail to be seen.
  • Print is tangible – In a digital world, consumers still enjoy receiving, touching or holding something physical, as oppose to seeing it on screen.
  • Print is engaging – When individuals read online, they tend to skim for about 15 seconds. Whereas when a piece of print is placed in your hand you engage with it for a longer period of time and it tends to remain in your memory for longer.
  • Print is trustworthy – Consumers can trust print advertisements, there is no danger associated with reading or looking at print, whereas with digital alternatives there is always the possible risk of viruses or spam.
  • Less print, means more for you – If fewer companies are creating print campaigns, there is much more space available for your messages to be seen!
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