POS Advertising in Cold Conditions

The challenge:

We have many clients who face the challenges of advertising in cold conditions for instance; in frozen food stores/supermarkets for application to the inside and outside of freezer windows and doors. Many factors affect what can and can’t be placed in these locations such as; lack of space, temperature, draughts etc. Many materials are not heat or humid resistant meaning that once left in a location exposed to these factors, the adhesive would melt leaving residue on removal.

This means many marketers are missing out on vital advertising opportunity as fridge and freezer doors in supermarkets are often left free from pos advertising as they don’t have a solution that can be placed in extreme low and high temperatures whilst still remaining damage free and residue free on removal.

Our solution:

Advertising in fridge freezers and doors is a great location to try and reach your target audience.

Our high performance, low tack film graphic ADTAC is perfect for use on the inside and outside of freezer doors. ADTAC has an advanced coating which enables easy to apply, bubble-free installation that can be repositioned and reused.

ADTAC is a perfect solution for instore POS campaigns in cooler environments. ADTAC has high adhesion properties meaning it is ideal for when something a little more robust is required, especially when the graphics will be exposed to cold temperatures and draughts. Its easy to apply, damage free and bubble free nature means store staff can apply the graphics themselves, saving costs and time on no expert installation.

Successes with ADTAC:

COOK Stores, the frozen food specialists, rely on POS advertising throughout their UK stores. Have you ever walked down the frozen aisle of a supermarket and noticed none, or very little POS advertising? So, finding a damage-free and easy to remove graphic allows them to optimise every available selling space – most importantly, the freezers! COOK Stores now regularly use ADTAC for seasonal POS campaigns. ADTAC is easily removed, repositionable and most importantly, reusable! You can replace the backer on the graphics and keep them for your annual seasonal campaigns.

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