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CLINGZ is a unique electrostatic printable film that 'clings' on both sides to virtually any clean surface without the need for tape, tacks or adhesives. CLINGZ is unrivalled in terms of its versatility and range of applications as it will stick to brick, wood, plastic, metal, glass, marble, vinyl and many other surfaces!


A number of organisations we work with incorporate CLINGZ as their flagship print marketing material because it aids in meeting a number of corporate goals:

  1. Environmental responsibility - Unlike Static Cling Vinyl, CLINGZ is PVC free and 100% recyclable allowing organisations to use it for their print marketing projects without negatively affecting their sustainability goals. 
  2. Cost control - CLINGZ is a premium quality, adhesive free graphic and therefore (unlike a number of directly comparable alternatives) provides peace of mind that campaigns will not incur any unexpected costs as a result of damaged surfaces. Also, due to its ease of application, the full project cost of campaigns undertaken using CLINGZ often works out to be significantly less than using direct alternatives as professional installation is rarely required (to see a demonstration take a look at our CLINGZ Application Video on our videos tab). 
  3. Increased sales - The versatility of CLINGZ allows it to be placed in unusual and arresting locations promoting interaction with your campaign. Businesses are able to drive brand engagement by placing their marketing message exactly where they want it.

Request free CLINGZ samples today to see for yourself how easy they are to use. Just peel off the backer and stick!


  • Extremely versatile
  • Easy to use - no expensive installation required
  • Easy to remove - no damage or sticky residue
  • Repositionable & bubble free
  • Fully recyclable - made from a type 5 plastic with a paper backer
  • Not a Static Cling Vinyl


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Client : Washington Green

We recommended CLINGZ as the perfect solution for their graphics. CLINGZ is our unique electrostatic printable material that ‘clings’ on...

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We recommended CLINGZ, our unique electrostatic printable film as the perfect solution. CLINGZ can stick on both sides to virtually...

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CLINGZ is a perfect...

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Think Ambient supplied Disney with CLINGZ in various different shapes and sizes that could be positioned throughout the communal areas of...

Client : BMW

BMW created an attention grabbing insert printed on CLINGZ which was included in 2 German publications - STERN and NEON. The CLINGZ...

Client : Cheshire West and Chester Council, Waste Management

A quick start guide was printed on CLINGZ as well as on the paper backer. The CLINGZ conveyed an at-a-glance...

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In consecutive years we have produced and implemented CLINGZ guerrilla marketing campaigns on behalf of IPM International. “Cancer Chancer” is...

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CLINGZ was perfect for this as it eloquently created the impression of a huge TV display, while being extremely simple to...

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CLINGZ provided the perfect solution as their electro-static charge enabled them to stick to multiple surfaces, facing in or out. CLINGZ...

Client : Incredible Management for GSK Event

Incredible Management used CLINGZ to completely brand the Park Plaza Hotel for a GSK conference. CLINGZ were used in a variety...