Unique Event and Exhibition material

CLINGZ can be installed in seconds, and readjusted without having to remove and reapply, making it our most impressive and unique event and exhibition material.  CLINGZ can be easily applied to most surfaces including plaster walls, glass and wooden doors, even curved surfaces.  The most important attribute is that the electrostatic technology makes CLINGZ 100% damage free, which inspires confidence in venues. 

CLINGZ images and video examples

Other unique event and exhibition materials used for specific applications

CLINGZ is a temporary media and not suitable for outdoor application, so we have spent the last 18 years finding other unique and damage-free solutions that are perfect for the Events and Exhibition industry.  ADTAC is perfect for application on the inside of windows, because it installs easily without bubbles and looks amazing.  PHLEX is a paste-free fabric wallpaper that can apply permanently, without causing damage on removal, and is ideal for pillars and large format displays.  SKINZ is game-changer for FLOOR applications.  It uses micro-suction to grip to the smooth surface and the anti-slip laminate prevents people slipping.  If you would like samples of our other unique event and exhibition material, or anything else please request here.