How to Make Sure Your Next Print Campaign is a Success

It’s well known that in order for any marketing campaign to be a success it must be concise, well designed and targeted at a clearly segmented demographic group. That’s why at Think Ambient we’re not looking to re-create existing content, already available from a wide variety of sources across the internet. Our sole focus is on our area of expertise; how to use innovative, damage free graphics to drive high level campaign engagement. 

In our opinion, there are a couple of key questions you need to ask yourself in order to develop a truly effective print campaign:


Although this may seem like a relatively simple question, when you delve into the world of versatile, damage free graphics the possibilities become endless. Damage free signage can be applied to a multitude of surfaces, often where other media cannot be used, including walls, windows, mirrors, computer screens, table tops, toilet cubicles, lift doors, exhibition stands and even roofs.

If your target audience are university students, you can amplify your message by placing it wherever it might be seen: in lecture rooms, bar areas, student residences and communal bathrooms. If you’re a retailer posters can be used on display stands but also on white goods and electronic goods, turning every space into a marketing opportunity.    


 Again, the first thing you may think when you read the question above is “there’s nothing complex to consider when deciding whether or not graphics need to be damage free”. In our experience the opposite is true, the type of posters chosen can have a far reaching impact on a projects return on investment (ROI)

Believe it or not, the quality to cost payoff is one of the most fascinating aspects of buying print for marketing campaigns. In general, the initial outlay required to purchase easy to apply, damage free, versatile graphics is larger than that of standard alternatives such as self adhesive vinyl. However, standard alternatives usually have two implicit costs that campaign managers may fail to consider:

  1. Time – our interaction with lower quality alternatives to premium damage free graphics has taught us three things: they are more difficult and take longer to apply, take longer to remove and in many cases take longer to clean up after (whether it is window residue, damaged paint or torn graphics).
  2.  Compliance – Freelancer? Franchiser? Global Event Manager? If you’re not applying the graphics yourself, the more difficult they are to apply, the less likely they are to be applied at all. To put it simply, if your graphics are never applied then your ROI is zero.

On balance, our personal experience has taught us that the implicit costs associated with lower quality materials ensure that, in the long run, they receive a much lower ROI compared to their higher quality and more versatile alternatives.   


If your project has a sufficient lead time our recommendation is:

  1. Speak to an expert
  2. Request Samples
  3. TEST THEM  
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