Perfect In-store Marketing

At Think Ambient we aim to not only offer market leading customer service but also unparalleled market insight so that our customers can get truly unique value from using our services. That’s why we recently invested in the 2014 Mass Merchant Shopper Engagement Study from POPAI. Take a look at the buying decisions chart.


  • 8 out of 10 buying decisions were made in-store
  • 62% of in-store buying decisions were completely unplanned purchases bought on impulse
  • Using pictures of the products in in-store advertising increased sales by 11%
  • Advertising with clearly identifiable logos achieved up to 8% greater success 


  • An average of various industry eye-cam studies suggests that 95-98% of in store advertising is completely missed by consumers


  • Put simply, versatile adhesive free CLINGZ
  • Apply to virtually any surface allowing them to be placed directly in the eye line of consumers
  • Apply completely damage free to non-traditional areas such as freezer glass
  • Increase in-store staff compliance due to ease of use
  • No professional installation required
  • ‘One campaign, one material’ – versatility allows one material to meet almost any need

If adhesive free stickers sound like something you might be interested in then please take a look at our version known as CLINGZ. We’d be happy to send you samplesif you think this magical sticker sounds too good to be true! 

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