Top 10 Tips When Visiting an Exhibition

  1. Pre-Register – There is nothing worse than arriving at an exhibition and having to stand in a queue for ages before even entering. 
  2. Plan Ahead – Research the companies attending and look at what they offer. The more time and effort you put into the show, the more you will get out of it. 
  3. Set Objectives – Know what you want to achieve by attending an exhibition. 
  4. Request A Floor Plan – Most exhibitions provide a floor plan in advance so you can organise your route of the show.
  5. Book An Appointment – At most exhibitions you’re able to book appointments with businesses and organisations who are particularly interested in talking to. Pre-book an appointment to make sure you get all your questions answered.
  6. Make Notes – When you visit an exhibition, it is extremely difficult to remember every stand, seminar, talk and workshop you visit. Making notes will save time when following up with companies and individuals you have met. 
  7. Take Business Cards – Take plenty of business cards however, hand them out cautiously. You don’t want to be receiving follow up calls and emails off hundreds of people.
  8. Take A Break – Visiting an exhibition is a tiring process, so sit down and have a rest. Review what you have achieved so far and what there still is to do. 
  9. Collect Samples – Pick up plenty of samples but, don’t weigh yourself down with unnecessary leaflets and samples. You can always request samples to be sent to you by post. 
  10. Freebies – At all exhibitions there will be fantastic freebies on offer and chances to win amazing prizes. Don’t be afraid to visit each stall, you never know what they may be giving away. 

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