Richard Barber & Co.

Richard Barber & Co is a commercial property marketing services company with over 40 years’ experience in the industry. They market properties using a variety of platforms for a major property developer.

Challenge: Richard Barber & Co required a material to use on the walls of the office as their clients wanted to brighten up empty office space to make it look more appealing to potential customers. The material needed 3 key attributes, it needed to be; easy to apply, easy to remove, and 100% damage free so they could take off the graphics without leaving any damage.

Solution: We suggested our unique material CLINGZ as the perfect solution. CLINGZ could be applied easily within a matter of minutes and then removed without leaving any damage. The CLINGZ were designed to communicate information about the local area, to display aerial photography of the surrounding areas and to show off development plans and drawings of what the office workspace could look like. 


“The graphic is looking great still in place, me and Adam took it off, put it back on, moved it about and it’s still perfect! Very impressive!” 

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