What Do Colours Say About Your Brand

It’s commonly known that colour can have a psychological effect on people’s emotions and decisions. That’s why when choosing the colour(s) for your brand it should be carefully considered, because as they always say, first impressions count!

Due to colours provoking different emotions, using the correct colours for your branding is a great way of illustrating your company values to your target audience. For example; blue is the most commonly used colour amongst brands – especially within the finance and technology sector as it holds connotations of security and trustworthiness.

A study of the world’s top 100 brands found these were the most popular colours for brand logos were;

  • 33% use Blue
  • 29% use Red
  • 28% use Black or Greyscale
  • 13% use Yellow or Gold

So, what do these colours imply about your brand?

Red  Energetic, Attention Grabbing, Direct

Purple Royalty, Sophistication, Nostalgia

Blue   Trustworthy, Secure, Responsible

Green  Wealth, Prestige, Health

Yellow       Positivity, Creativity, Motivation

Orange  Playful, Vitality, Excitement

Brown  Earthlike, Natural, Durable

Black         Sophistication, Value, Timelessness

White        Pure, Clean, Professional

Grey          Dependable, Formal, Elegant

Various colours are favoured by different sectors and age groups. When choosing a brand colour, it is important to consider your target audience and the brand values that you wish to convey or reinforce. Supposedly, 80% of the information we receive from a logo comes from the colours contained within it. So, choose wisely!

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