How to Combine Print with Your Digital Marketing Campaigns!

In a digital focused era, marketers need to make sure they stand out from the crowd. The most successful companies are now combining the personal nature of print with the technological innovations of digital marketing. Below we have suggested ways in which you can do this:

QR Codes 

QR Codes are a type of two-dimensional barcode that can be read using a QR barcode reader or camera-enabled smartphone that direct users to a website or to take a specific course of action, they are a unique way to provide your customers with new content that is relevant and engaging. QR Codes are extremely versatile as they can be added to just about anything such as; posters, packaging, banners, direct mail and much more. This means that any printed media can be turned into a customer interaction point, taking them to an information page, show them a message, carry out a payment and endless other possibilities.


Adding hashtags to your print advertisement is a simple way of encouraging interaction with your campaign. Using keywords, phrases or slogans can create a buzz around your campaign on social media, whilst also increasing engagement with your brand.

Call to Actions (CTA)

A print advertisement with “Check us out!” will not cut it nowadays. Customers need a reason to click on a link or scan a QR code and with an explanation of what will be gained. Effective and innovative print marketing will provoke specific responses from audiences that encourage them to actively interact with your brand. A great example of combining print with digital is encouraging your audience to use your advertisement as a backdrop for a photo opportunity, with the CTA of ‘tweet a picture of you with this advertisement to receive 10% off your next order’. 

Personalised URLs

Adding personalised URL’s to your printed materials is a great way to monitor customer activity, to see who you’re attracting and where from. Personalised URL’s are 40% more likely to be clicked on than a normal shortened URL mainly due to customers trusting the link more if it has a recognisable name in it.

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