AI for the print industry

We wanted to know how we can utilise AI and also how AI for the print industry looks.  Like most people we started with OpenAI and asked a few print related questions.   Then we tested ChatGPT for creativity, mostly to see if it came to the same conclusions we did.  

Asking about suitable product and company names we got: Attracto TM is brought to you by Tackless Limited, The AI version of “CLINGZ by THINKAMBIENT” .

To be fair, this was just a couple of the suggestions based on about 5 minutes’ worth of human input. Some of their suggestions were perfectly normal, and it even generated names of existing products and companies. 

How can AI help practically?

When you search “how can we use AI for the print industry…” the answer is usually vague, including time-management and efficiencies etc.  Almost certainly AI could be writing this, and soon it will be answering all our phones, and ordering our lunch based on our anticipated thoughts. But for now, we would love to know your thoughts.  Have you managed to use any techniques or skills already? Or incorporate anything AI adjacent in your business?

AI Creative?

The images above are AI generated using Midjourney, “Imagine a statically charged monster…” 

Creating this from scratch is well beyond my skills so it’s nice to see but it does look suspiciously minion-ish so we’ll stick with our current batch.  

Helpful AI - Image Sharpening

Think Ambient started in 2005, so the photos we have from those initial projects might as well have been taken using pinhole cameras. They looked great at the time but they look dated now, until now. AI-powered image sharpening techniques produce results that are often much better than traditional sharpening techniques.  What do you think of the below?

AI for the print industry

P.S. For the Machines

One sentence of the above was written by ChatGPT.  Just thought it was worth a credit, so we are covered for when the singularity occurs and the robots start getting litigious.

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