Artworking and Design for Print

Almost every day we are adjusting, amending, creating and making-ready artwork suitable for printing on our products.  The requests we get daily help sharpen our tools to the point where we can pretty much do it all!  Just don’t ask for anything involving pixels or RGB 

Recently we put together the backdrops you see here for MICE.  Some of the supplied logos were low res, so we traced them, and some of the images weren’t particularly good so we replaced them.  We even redrew their golden wreath so it all looked crisp and professional on the day.  We resize, add bleed, create cutter guides and set up files for white ink regularly. 

Then there are some more unusual requests: 

Mosaic Madness – we were provided with an image and a billboard size.  Then we were asked to produce a number of 1cm stickers in order to create a massive mosaic.  It involved a combination of simplifying the image, calculating the ratios of colours and then adjusting for overlaps to make sure they covered the whole surface.  

Challenge / Opportunity – “please can you create a large format display that changes from one design to another when your perspective changes.  It must be made from recyclable materials, and pack flat to be installed the day before an event in Germany.”  The design was very simple, just two words, but the fiddly part is breaking it all down and applying bleed to each individual section.  The results were amazing!

There are some challenges specific to our clear materials, such as white ink layers/files.  White ink backs up colour to provide opacity, otherwise the image would look like stained glass.  Sometimes parts of the design need to appear white too, and occasionally both within the same design. 

Here are some examples of different Clear designs in action:

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