Diabetes Live


Rocking Horse Partnership needed to create a 7m x 3.5m display, tiled to look like multiple TV screens, for the 49th Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes in Barcelona.


CLINGZ was perfect for this as it eloquently created the impression of a huge TV display, while being extremely simple to put up and take down. For extra convenience, as the client was from the UK, we also printed the background as 14 manageable pieces which could be tiled together to create one large graphic. This allowed the CLINGZ to be stored in the clients’ hand luggage and installed by just two people.


“They looked great and my client was pleased with the end result.  I’m not aware of anything else that could have achieved the same result in the very limited time we had. I can already think of some more applications for in the conference environment so I will no doubt be in touch.”Rocking Horse Partnership

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