Titan Books Publishing Group

Client: Titan Books Publishing Group.

Challenge: Titan Books required some bespoke graphics to brand their shell scheme panels for an exhibition. The graphics needed to be quick and easy to apply, as there was alimited amount of set up time, and they needed to be guaranteed to leave no damage or adhesive residue on removal.

Solution: We supplied Titan Books with CLINGZ as the perfect branding solution. CLINGZ is electrostatic, adhesive free and does not require any expert installation – it is quick and easy to apply, taking just seconds to remove! In addition, CLINGZ is lightweight and can be rolled into tubes for easy transportation to and from the exhibition venue.

There was 9 printed graphics in total, illustrating several new books covers which they had published. The CLINGZ varied in size to fit perfectly between the struts of the shell scheme, with some almost 1 metre wide! We can supply graphics to fit any size of shell scheme. 

We also provided Titan Books with a step-by-step video for guidance on how to apply and remove the graphics. If you would like to see for yourself how easily CLINGZ can be applied, please watch our short video here.

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