To communicate new product launches internally, in an easy and effective way.


Think Ambient supplied Disney with CLINGZ in various different shapes and sizes that could be positioned throughout the communal areas of the Disney Head office. Our client decided to place the CLINGZ posters in their canteen, corridors and on all of their entrance doors to create maximum exposure.

Disney have also used CLINGZ to launch new products internally for TV Shows such as ‘Lost’ and ‘Agents of Shield’. They also keep extra stock of CLINGZ, which are printed with various logos, for general branding purposes. 


“They have gone down a treat! Here are some pictures of them up around our office. We placed them in our café, lifts, meeting rooms and all entering doors on each floor .”

“CLINGZ are all up and look great, thank you so much for your speedy and hard work getting this all to us – much appreciated.”

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