Nichols Plc


Nichols wanted to make a splash by creating a short-term branding solution that would brighten up their office for a meeting with a major retailer. Nichols required a printable product that would stick to multiple surfaces throughout their offices to maximise impact and grab the attention of their clients.


With our wide range of unique printable materials we were able to recommend the most suitable product for each surface. CLINGZ were used for the walls and windows. The electrostatic charge enables CLINGZ to stick to surfaces without the need for tape, tack or adhesives. Following the meeting the graphics were all easily removed within half an hour, without leaving any residue or damage.

Nichols also required a material to be placed on an office door (see before and after pictures below). We suggested SKINZ due to its more robust properties, ideal as the doors would be opened and closed throughout the day.

In addition, Nichols wanted a creative and eye-catching way to direct individuals to their meeting room. We provided SKINZ floor graphics that literally ‘suck’ on to smooth surfaces and have an anti-slip laminate for additional safety. They are similarly easy to apply and remove without leaving any adhesive residue. The SKINZ were designed to be in the shape of a toad foot which is the footprint of their brand character ‘Vimtoad’.

Before After

Door Before Big Min 3 Nichols Door Min 3


“The CLINGZ look absolutely fabulous on the walls and windows. They look incredible! The SKINZ toad feet have arrived and they are amazing, everyone who has seen them says that they love them. We have had great feedback and they are so effective. We will definitely have use for more of your products.”

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