We created a Large Format Lenticular display for an Event

Large Format Lenticular

We were challenged to create two images that swap as your point of view changes.  Like a 3D “flip” lenticular but a much bigger scale.  This 3D image flip display was being used at a conference overseas so it had to be packed flat, then assembled on site. 

This challenge gave us the opportunity to create a template for this type of large format lenticular display.   We tested the application in our office, and created a guide during the design process.  By breaking down the two images into sections we created this clever print solution.  This specific application used flat colour backgrounds and text but would work for more complex designs and images too. 

Creative print solutions to a Challenge / Opportunity

This conference was held over several days, taking over the entire hotel.  We provided a site survey in advance to show where the branding opportunities were and to demonstrate the materials in situ; providing reassurance to the venue that no damage would be caused.  This was particularly useful for the Art coverings, which were produced using CLINGZ and covered the existing art throughout the venue.  

In addition to our large lenticular display we also provided CLINGZ to wrap around walls, doorways and even to brand a section of the ceiling.  CLINGZ adheres using embedded static charge so it can grip to almost any surface.  

For this event we also provided free standing rigid media to display key event details.  Most of our materials are designed to augment wall and window space but we provide a range of free standing solutions, including pop up banners and fabric media, just ask us for more information. 

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