Visit us at Sign and Digital 2023

Sign and Digital 21-23 March

Thank you for visiting us at this year’s Sign and Digital Exhibition, Phil was there.  Will was there. 

If you had any gaps in your knowledge hopefully Phil or Will will have filled.

Our approach to Exhibitions

After years of telling people they can use our products to set up their exhibition stands in minutes, we must have been listening.  Mostly our backdrops fit in a small tube and we set up within minutes, whilst some exhibitors are still unloading.  We take a few bulky items too like a glass panel and sample boxes, but nothing that couldn’t fit in the back of a small car.  

Below are some examples of exhibitions using our CLINGZ product as the backdrop.

Shell Scheme Hell

There are three ways to approach shell schemes: ignore or augment (and augment with CLINGZ). 

1. If you ignore them you can bring a pop up banner or stand to cover up the backdrop.  It looks great but takes up space, in your car but also on your stand (forcing people into the dreaded aisles).

2. You can create a fully branded backdrop using rigid media, like foamex or correx.    This looks great but is even harder to transport.  Stands are 2m plus tall, to accommodate the Tap Chauhans of the world, which means you are looking at hiring a van, and then chuckle-brothering the media around the dreaded aisles.

3. For Shell Schemes we recommend CLINGZ, our unique electrostatic, adhesive-free graphic that does not require any expert installation, tools, or tapes. It is quick and easy to apply, takes seconds to remove, is lightweight, and easily transported in a tube.

To see just how easy it is to apply CLINGZ panel graphics view our video here. You can see it takes only a couple of minutes to install each panel.

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