Cheshire West and Chester Council, Waste Management


To inform residents of an impending change to their waste collection bins; and to communicate the appropriate information needed for the new service.


A quick start guide was printed on CLINGZ as well as on the paper backer. The CLINGZ conveyed an at-a-glance guide to ‘what goes where’ in terms of the new waste and recycling receptacles. In addition, an easy to understand ‘peel it, place it, remove it’ illustration was included to demonstrate how to use the CLINGZ. On the paper backer further information was listed, such as contact details, how to use a food caddy and when collections would occur.


“Initially we had planned to either include a fridge magnet in the pack or attach a strip to the top. It was at this point that I discovered CLINGZ which offered the perfect solution for the quick start guide. They offered residents greater flexibility and were comparable in price to a magnetic alternative. When focus groups tested the CLINGZ they received universal praise when compared to all other options.” Waste Awareness Manager, Cheshire West and Chester Council

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