To create an impactful promotional magazine insert to complement a TV advertising campaign. 


BMW created an attention grabbing insert printed on CLINGZ which was included in 2 German publications – STERN and NEON. The CLINGZ “Sunset Boulevard” street sign could be peeled out of the magazine and placed anywhere.

This provided consumers with a creative, engaging and interactive way of connecting with the brand and an excellent visual prompt to remember the advertising for months after the television ad campaign finished. The CLINGZ backing paper was also printedproviding additional space for ‘instructions’, ‘T&Cs’ and other communication that might not be wanted on the main creative.

CLINGZ can be machine inserted into magazines, envelopes or kits to make the process of fulfilment much easier. We appreciate that it can be an expensive and time consuming process to hand insert and so we have developed a technique of printing CLINGZ that makes them machine insertable. Furthermore, we are happy to work with your mailing or fulfilment house. We can even supply free samples to test the insertion process so there aren’t any nasty surprises along the way.

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