Raising awareness of health concerns highlighted by the NHS and specific PCTs.


In consecutive years we have produced and implemented CLINGZ guerrilla marketing campaigns on behalf of IPM International. “Cancer Chancer” is a campaign designed by the Manchester Versus Cancer Alliance to increase awareness of the risks of smoking. The CLINGZ was designed to encourage smokers to “see your GP”. This campaign involved posting CLINGZ in targeted areas such as pubs, bars and designated smoking zones in key postcodes in Wigan.

The versatility of CLINGZ along with its ability to stick to almost any surface without using adhesive make it ideal for environmentally conscious clients.

McCann Erickson’s multi-channel approach resulted in a massive 55% increase in GP referrals and a 69% increase in awareness, which helped early diagnosis of 26 more cases of cancer in 2008.  The IPA awarded the campaign their Bronze Award for Best Media, and also cited the campaign as a great use of creative media in their article “Big lessons from small advertisers” (Andy Nairn, the convenor of judges at the IPA Effectiveness Awards, 13/11/2009).

We have carried out several campaigns like this, raising awareness of a variety of issues from diet related diseases, to public health benefiting schemes.

CLINGZ Guerrilla campaigns are ideal for social marketing applications for several reasons:

Targeted – by selecting locations within towns/cities where certain demographics congregate a far more targeted response can be achieved. Certain postcodes can be highlighted as high risk areas due to demographic studies and then locations within these areas can be selected to target groups with even greater customisation. 

Damage free – no criminal damage as with fly posting.

Compliance – most campaigns involve part or full permission from the local area or shops/buildings within these areas. We have found that shops, pubs and other local service providers are happy for CLINGZ to be used because they are guaranteed damage free.

Impactful – CLINGZ can be placed in more unusual locations creating greater impact.

Eventful – the actual process of putting CLINGZ up creates a buzz that itself raises awareness.

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