CoppaFeel! and Charities


CoppaFeel!’s initial brief was for a ‘cling’ to go on shower tiles and glass that would resist water and stay in place. They had been given access to student accommodation in advance of the students arrival and the idea was to put them in the showers to provide potentially lifesaving information in a fun, engaging and impactful way. 


The product needed 3 key attributes – to be waterproof, damage free and long lastingSKINZ wasliterally the perfect solution for this. SKINZ is printed on a HP Indigo with naturally water resistant inks and is a recyclable polypropylene material so it doesn’t degrade over time. On top of this, it uses a special microsuction technology making it perfect for application to smooth surfaces like tiles or glass.

We also developed another product for the same application that could hang onto the showers like a door hanger. This was printed using the same technology but on a thick opaque polypropylene. These shower hangers had very different creative on either side so needed a completely opaque barrier between. CoppaFeel! have also used CLINGZ on mirrors inside universities, and our STX material for car window stickers. 

Other Charities – We have produced a number of items for charities including sponsored anatomical charts, easy-wipe white boards and other promotional pieces. CLINGZ posters have higher compliance rates than paper posters because they are damage free and easy to use, making them perfect for doctors’ surgeries and dentists. 

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