Direct mail marketing is one of the most effective types of campaigning, engaging potential customers in one of the most non-intrusive ways possible. The most common methods include catalogues and magazine inserts, envelope mailers and advertising mail, providing the potential for much more productive activities than just sending an ordinary brochure that can get lost or simply end up in the bin. Items produced on our highly versatile CLINGZ media can be slapped on to the nearest wall or window or even the coffee machine, where it catches everyone’s attention and keeps your brand in the spotlight.

Bmw 2 Min

Client : BMW

BMW created an attention grabbing insert printed on CLINGZ which was included in 2 German publications - STERN and NEON. The CLINGZ...

Council 2 Min

Client : Cheshire West and Chester Council, Waste Management

A quick start guide was printed on CLINGZ as well as on the paper backer. The CLINGZ conveyed an at-a-glance...