Informative Marketing

Informative Marketing is used to inform consumers or advertise goods and services. It is often used in the Healthcare and Charity sectors to educate and raise awareness about new developments or initiatives. 

The strengths of our innovative and versatile materials means that they can be placed at the exact location where they will be seen by your specific target audience.

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Our unique, easy to use products have been used for a range of informative campaigns, including raising awareness of cancer within Drs' surgeries and hospitals, and even for water-resistant, educational stickers placed in showers.

Why choose us?

Our range of innovative materials are perfect for getting your message across due to their unique attributes:

Versatile - Our unique promotional materials can be placed in unusual places, to catch the attention of a specific audience. 

Easy to use - All our products are quick and easy to use and remove.

Damage free - Rest assured that wherever you use our products there will be no sticky residue or damage left behind. 

Want to raise awareness about a product or service? Speak to use for all your promotional marketing needs!

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