Washington Green


Washington Green brings together some of the finest painters and most collectable artists in the contemporary art world. The company specialises in exhibiting the very best art throughout a network of impressive galleries nationwide.


Washington Green hold events launching new art collections at a number of galleries throughout the UK. The best way to attract attention and present their vision to the public is by designing beautiful and innovative shopfronts and interiors to show case the artists’ work and background. For this, they require a material with three key attributes – to be easy to apply, easy to remove and 100% damage free. The graphics are used to promote the artists’ work on the windows, walls and floors of the galleries and to create an fantastic, eye-catching display.


We recommended CLINGZ as the perfect solution for their graphics. CLINGZ is our unique electrostatic printable material that ‘clings’ on both sides to virtually any clean surface without the need for tape, tacks or adhesive. The graphics are 100% adhesive free so provide peace of mind that no unexpected costs will occur as a result of damaged surfaces. Also, due to its ease of application, it is significantly cheaper than using alternatives which tend to require professional installation. The graphics create stunning, eye-catching window displays. We also suggested SKINZ floor graphics to add colour to the floors of the exhibition.

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