Royal Caribbean


A most amazing ship (it has robot bar staff) needed an equally Incredible Launch.  Incredible Management asked for our help installing various types of branding for the Royal Caribbean launch of their new cruise ship “Quantum of the Sea”, an event held at the Port of Southampton. 


We used a variety of materials to achieve different effects: Opaque SKINZ were used on internal and external windows to provide a vibrant double sided effect.  CLINGZ were used in the high up areas for ease of installation and PHLEX on the curved wall surfaces.

We also provided a four man installation team who set up the night before the event. When the press arrived for the big launch all the appropriate rooms were fully rebranded.

Event Material Roundup

We used a combination of CLINGZ, PHLEX and SKINZ for the Royal Caribbean installation.  All our materials are damage free but they have different benefits so below is a quick roundup.


The easiest material to apply quickly.

Works on a variety of surfaces for ultimate flexibilty.

Big pieces tile together with ease for large displays.

Zero damage means venues have absolute confidence.


Grips tightly to any smooth surface.

Works outdoor.

Comes in a completely opaque version to block out light or other branding, or a transparent version for inside windows.


This flexible fabric smoothes out easily for a perfect finish on flat or rough surfaces.

Perfect for wrapping pillars.

Great for large murals where detail needs to be finished on site, such as cutting around plug sockets or door frames.

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