To come up with new ways to use CLINGZ and other unique materials to raise awareness about new product releases and events.


Adidas have used CLINGZ for a variety of marketing activities in the UK and Germany. Initially they used standard A5 flyer sized CLINGZ and more recently challenged us to do more unique and unusual things with CLINGZ and some of our other materials.


We produced CLINGZ for the London marathon as part of an interactive wall. Our client, four23, recognised the part that non-participants play in this amazing event by creating “The Wall” on behalf of their client Adidas. The event was held at Excel, prior to the big day, and supporters were invited to write their messages of encouragement on Adidas branded CLINGZ.

Messages were placed directly on “The Wall” which worked perfectly as CLINGZ is dry erasable on the unprinted areas and can be written on easily with permanent markers. 

New technology:  

Adidas wanted glow-in-the-dark elements on CLINGZ so that they could be put up in the streets during the day and then glow at night. CLINGZ can be a tricky material to print on and there are some limitations in the types of inks and effects that can be printed.

The base material is a thin polypropylene so we have to print using UV inks and do everything we can to keep static charge in the material. Heavy ink, static eliminators, VOCs and screen inks are all not advised, yet this is exactly how to achieve the glow in the dark (GITD) effect. We did rigorous testing with various ink coverage and patterns to achieve a solution for Adidas that provided a working GITD CLINGZ piece suitable for their application. 

STX is our removable sticker material. We created a technique for folding and creasing the stickers so that they could be taken away. Our client had access to football stadiums throughout Germany and they wanted to produce a sticker that would grip to the seats and then be removable so that the fans could take them home. STX was perfect for this as it is damage free, removable and repositionable.  

Adidas have also experimented with their creative to achieve some fantastic effects, like a “moving boot” printed on Clear CLINGZ. 

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