Rowleys: London is a unique advertising agency and wanted to create an eye-catching campaign for their client Universal Music. They wanted to create a buzz about the band ‘Slaves’  new album launch and tour.


Rowleys came up with an interactive guerrilla marketing campaign using a cartoon balaclava design and a #takecontrol graphic. There were to be distributed throughout the UK, in the towns and cities on the tour and also given out to fans at the gigs. They required a versatile printable material, that could be applied to a variety of surfaces quickly and easily that would not leave any damage on removal.


We recommended CLINGZ, our unique electrostatic printable film as the perfect solution. CLINGZ can stick on both sides to virtually any clean surface without the need for tape, tack or adhesives. CLINGZ is unrivalled in terms of its versatility and range of applications as it can ‘cling’ to brick, wood, plastic, metal glass and many other surfaces. Prior to the gigs their street teams placed CLINGZ in a multitude of different locations such as shop windows, bins, graffiti art, bus stops, lampposts and billboards etc.. Fans could easily remove the CLINGZ and take them home with them. At the end of the campaign the CLINGZ were easily removed without leaving damage on any of the surfaces throughout the cities.

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