Guerrilla Marketing

Want to get the attention of your potential customers in an out-of-the-box way? Also known as ambush or undercover marketing, guerrilla marketing is an unconventional marketing tactic aimed at reaching audiences in unusual and arresting ways. 

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Why It Works

Conquer your competitors - If you need to stand out in your industry, guerrilla marketing will certainly help to make you stand out

Have an impact on your customers - Guerrilla marketing doesn’t only help to blow your competition out of the water, it creates a lasting impression in the minds of your customers, potential or existing!

Works for campaigns of any size - we have worked with brands on campaigns both large and small, national and international. Guerrilla campaigns can work for small to medium sizes businesses, to large multinationals


Why Choose Our Guerrilla Marketing Products?

Expertise - Think Ambient have worked on ‘Guerrilla’ campaigns across Europe for the past 10 years.  From ‘Sticker -bombing’ to ‘Fly-posting’, we have the expertise to advise you on both the benefits and the risks of this type of activity. 

Cutting-edge products - You might have a fantastic guerrilla marketing campaign, but have you got the materials to support it? We use CLINGZ, a super-versatile and highly durable product that’ll ensure your campaign really clings to any surface - indoors or outdoors!

Impactful - Guaranteed to create a real buzz, our CLINGZ product has proved to be the perfect solution for this type of application, with its ability to be applied quickly and easily to almost any surface, indoor or outdoor, without leaving any damage or residue.  


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