Cook Stores – ADTAC


COOK is a chain of frozen food stores with over 58 franchise stores across the UK.


COOK required a bubble free graphic for window displays that could be applied by all levels of store staff.  The graphic needed to be removed and replaced multiple times without losing its lustre or ease of application. COOK needed the product to be applied on the inside and inside of freezer doors that would be constantly in use. Therefore, the robustness of the product was key in a busy retail environment.


We recommended ADTAC as the perfect solution for bubble free applications. ADTAC is our PVC-free, super easy to apply, peel and stick, low-tack window graphic solution. Besides windows this high-tech media is suitable for a wide range of smooth indoor surfaces, including metal and polished stone. An advanced coating enables easy, bubble-free installation, repositioning and reuse. ADTAC can be easily removed and is 100% residue free, even after extended applications or exposure to extreme low and high temperatures.

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