To provide a versatile point-of-sale solution suitable for all of their different franchise stores. The POS needed to be easy to use and suitable for application to a variety of surfaces including freezer lids, windows, walls and counter space.


CLINGZ provided the perfect solution as their electro-static charge enabled them to stick to multiple surfaces, facing in or out. CLINGZ were produced in a variety of shapes and sizes, collated into packs and sent out to the 58 franchise stores. The ease of application and damage free nature of CLINGZ enabled franchisees to put them up quickly and easily; and then conveniently remove them at the end of the promotion. The versatility of CLINGZ meant that they could be used in a variety of places according to the surfaces available in each particular store. Cook have been so pleased with the CLINGZ that they now use them regularly for promotions and seasonal offers.


“CLINGZ are a brilliant POS solution for us – so flexible in shape and size, simple to apply and position. We have 58 shops all different shapes and sizes – and limited budgets – so finding a ‘one fits all’ enduring solution that can be easily used to windows, walls, freezer lids etc by shop staff is pretty much a miracle!”   Marketing Manager, Cook Stores.

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