Jigsaw, a fashion clothing retailer with stores in the UK and overseas, required a new and innovative solution for their store window graphics.


They wanted to find a material that could be easily applied by store staff, saving time and the cost of expert installation.


We provided ADTAC as the perfect solution for their campaign. ADTAC is our high-performance, low-tack film graphic that is ideal for applications to windows. The bubble-free properties of ADTAC allows for easy installation without the need for water and squeegees. It can be repositioned by store staff if they apply it incorrectly the first, second or even third time! ADTAC is a great option for use on windows and doors that maybe exposed to draughts or extreme temperatures. ADTAC stays in place for the duration of a campaign and can be removed easily without leaving any damage or adhesive residue.

The campaign consisted of 2 designs in 5 different sizes, which had to be collated into store kits to be distributed to 77 stores.


“I just wanted to let you know that we’ve had fantastic feedback from store staff regarding the ease of application for the ADTAC vinyls… And it’s made our lives so much easier by knowing we can ask them to reapply the wonky ones!”

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