To provide a variety of unique, easy to use promotional materials.


We have produced numerous materials for Pharmaceutical companies for a variety of applications:

CLINGZ is a perfect promotional marketing piece as its ease of use and versatility allows it to be placed exactly where in-store staff want. This offers a significant advantage over conventional posters as they have less impact and lower compliance rates in areas such as doctors’ surgeries as they often require additional fixings (e.g. Blu-Tack, tape) and can only be applied to notice boards. Our clients have found sponsoring health awareness schemes or anatomical charts is a great way of raising awareness of new products and providing helpful information. 

Some pharmaceutical companies have been using our VIBO product in a really unique and original way. VIBO was designed for double sided window applications, with a focus on blocking out show through and removing without leaving adhesive. This has surprising benefits in the pharma sector, where our clients use them as wall charts for drug information. Dosage requirements can be communicated to doctors via simple infographics on the ‘face’ part of the VIBO; then the complex information can be carefully stored on the reverse which normally rests on the wall. The opacity of the material prevents show through and the removable adhesive stops it damaging the walls. 

STICK ‘N’ GLIDE is our innovative new counter top display product, perfect for use in doctors’ and dentists’ surgeries. It grips to smooth surfaces like magic, without any adhesive. Several pharma clients have used STICK ‘N’ GLIDE as POS or Sponsored Calendars.

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