Feather & Black

Feather & Black a modern bedroom furniture retailer in the UK.

Feather & Black required a new damage free print solution for their window sale graphics in their UK stores. For years, they have been using static cling vinyl, but they decided they wanted a material that was completely bubble free as their store staff had been struggling to apply their existing graphics. The material also needed to be guaranteed not to leave any adhesive residue on removal, as the graphics need to be regularly changed in line with current promotions.

We provided Feather & Black with CLINGZ and ADTAC as the perfect solution for their sale graphics. We often supply our clients with multiple materials to ensure the best application and usage. CLINGZ was used where they required an ultra-clear graphic, whilst ADTAC was advised for application near windows and doors where drafts are likely. ADTAC is more durable but can still be easily removed and does not leave any adhesive residue even after exposure to extreme low and high temperatures.

CLINGZ and ADTAC were perfect for Feather & Black store staff as they were easy to apply and 100% damage free. Feather & Black distributed the graphics to their UK stores where store staff could apply the graphics themselves saving both time and money.

In addition to supplying the graphics, we went into our local Feather & Black store to apply the graphics and create a step-by-step application video guide to send to all the stores. The store staff LOVED this feature! You can watch the video guide here to see for yourself how easy it really is.

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