Harvey Jones


Harvey Jones, a manufacturer and nationwide retailer of bespoke, handmade kitchens, asked us to provide a double-sided window display and a variety of other POS items for their stores.


We produced VIBO graphics for a January campaign to replace vinyls which had been used previously. VIBO offers brilliant print quality, and it is printable on both sides with a dead opaque barrier between the front and back. This means the design on the front is not visible from inside the store and vice versa. VIBO uses a special “limited growth” adhesive that offers superb “stickability” but with the bonus that when it’s time to remove the graphics they remain easy to remove and do not leave any adhesive residue on the windows. We have provided VIBO for several seasonal campaigns, as well as CLINGZ for use on the many different surfaces within the stores.

In addition to supplying the POS materials, we also organise and arrange distribution to all stores with a full delivery report that is available immediately after all deliveries have been made.


“We’ve been very impressed with the VIBO material.  It has several key advantages over standard vinyl as it can be printed on both sides, can be easily installed and – importantly – is easily removed without leaving any residue” Marketing Manager – Harvey Jones

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