To provide a variety of POS items for stockists of KAO professional salon products. 


We have supplied KPSS with various solutions for use in salons, depending on the type of surface and the length of the promotion. The main areas for branding are windows, mirrors and wall space.  CLINGZ were used to replace normal stickers due to their versatility. The CLINGZ ‘window stickers’ were suitable for use on walls and windows too; especially useful given the variety of layouts within independent salons. 

VIBO, our double sided window sticker, was used for window displays to communicate which of their products the salon stocked. VIBO is designed to be easy to apply and completely residue and damage free on removal, whilst also lasting a long time, making it ideal for stockist posters. VIBO has a dead-opaque barrier between the front and back alllowing the branding on the internal side to be completely different to that on the outside, which is particularly useful for signs displaying Opening Hours. 

KPSS have also used our floor graphics product PISO, an adhesive based floor graphic with fantastic adhesion and removability.  We have also recently developed an amazing new adhesive-free floor material based on SKINZ, so please ask for more details.


“I just wanted to let you know, I have just seen a copy of our Window CLINGZ and we’re really pleased with the quality of them – so thank you. Thank you again and for keeping to the deadline, despite us sending the artwork late!” Marketing Department – KPSS

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